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Hi Brian - To save you digging thru facebook chat,
I will update this page with any further info that you need. - regards Fintan

Here's the confirmed First Mothers so far who will meet with you.
Brief bio's for your quick overview. Will flesh these bio's out later.

Louise 1989:
In Dunboyne for 2-3 months - infant taken for adoption.

Sharon 1986: McGuigan
In Dunboyne 2-3 months Nov85-Feb86 - infant daughter taken.

Carrie 1981:
In Dunboyne 2-3 months from Nov81-Feb82 - infant daughter taken.

Carmel 1980:
In Dunboyne 2-3 months from Nov80-Feb81 - infant daughter taken.

Maria 1980:
In Dunboyne 4-5 months from Jan80-June80 - infant son taken.

Kathy 1974: McMahon
In Dunboyne 2-3 months Jan74-April74 - infant daughter taken.

Working on adding two more mothers to above list.
All the women had their infants born in Holles St Hospital.
All members of IFM are verified by interview upon joining the group
- confirming by personal knowledge of staff / procedures / layout etc.

As they arrive we aim to have all the mothers meet together in advance in one of the many quiet areas of the new hotel complex. So that we don't have delay marshaling them on your arrival. That would give you recording-friendly space to get some meet-greet-anticipation audio.

Then you could take the group into the old building via access behind reception. The well-spoken SA national and hotel mgr. Kate Voice, could be there to lead and place the old building in context.

The group could enter the old building into the main entrance hallway via 1. the hotel or 2. the literal 'old' front door. On the left is the front parlor where many mothers would have been met on arrival decades ago. On the right - the drawing room where the Conference will take place.

That choice of rooms allows you either group and private audio and the main doorway is a great location for post-facto group shots and reaction audio.


Livecasting Conference:
- IFM's Dunboyne 2016 will be a YouTube Livecast and viewable later as a recorded video.

Press coverage:
- Press Packs will go out from Mon.
Human interest angle should get some light photp-op Internet coverage Saturday;
then Journal on Sun. and IT/Examiner on the Monday.


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