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First Testimony was:
'Mary' 19th April, 2017 Session 001

Mothers Seek Genocide Prosecutions By Irish Attorney General

Ireland's largest group of mother's incarcerated in Mother and Baby
homes met on Sat 27th August at Dunboyne Castle Hotel, near Dublin
- where many were themselves held awaiting birth, when a part of
the new hotel was a religious convent.

Some of the mothers spoke with Brian O'Connell for
the RTE1 Radio show 'Today, with Sean O'Rourke'.


Founder of Irish First Mothers group,
Kathy McMahon commented:

" This year's conference celebrates how far we have come
in our journey to reclaim our just rights. Dunboyne's, Ard Mhuire
Good Shepard Convent once coerced us as victims of a social regime.

" But today, with the sympathetic support of hotel management, we assemble in triumph."

The conference heard from invited speakers and a key focus was
on the Commission of Inquiry into Mother and Baby homes


I R I S H   F I R S T   M O T H E R S

Dunboyne 2016
' Phoenix Arising '

Speakers Schedule

Kathy McMahon:
Founder, Irish First Mothers

Opening address by Kathy on the Conference Theme of
Phoenix Arising; on the Commission of Inquiry; on recovery
from trauma and the human rights context of what
was done to Irish first mothers.

Brenda Coughlan:
Australian Natural Mother's Rights activist

Speaking via Internet about the latest developments from Victoria, and in Australia,
mother's rights activist, Brenda Coughlan spotlights "extermination" as a policy against single pregnant mothers; and speaks about her call for an Australian royal commission into medical professionals' practices around forced adoption policies. .

Sinead Kavanagh:

A professional study by Sinead Kavanagh into the effects of incarceration and forced adoption as part of her qualification for a masters in psychotherapy.

Amanda Ni Choighligh:
Peer Educator, Recovery College South East

Speaking on therapies for Moving Forward, Staying Well and Being Positive.

Eimear Ferguson:
Sinn Féin Councillor for Laytown-Bettystown, Co Meath
Official representative for Sinn Fein.

Open Mike Discussion:
Also open to issues raised via internet.


Like many others, I had my beautiful baby stolen by forced adoption in Ireland.

Please help our group of mothers to represent the tens of thousands of Irish women who suffered the same fate.

Innocent women were coerced in pregnancy and often incarcerated in institutions run by the Irish State in collusion with religious orders.

Nothing can ever undo the damage inflicted on many of these women - who in some cases had their infant literally torn from their arms. Most carry the wounds of those experiences to this day - never having had the opportunity to speak of it.

I found the strength to speak out. So have other mothers in Irish First Mothers - a peer support and reform activism group which I founded in early 2014.

My Story:

For many mothers, the group has represented a freedom from the weight of secrets kept for decades, but countless more mothers still silently suffer PTSD, depression and ill health due to trauma and unexpressed grief......

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